Ive been feeling more depressed lately. There was someone i use to talk to about it to relieve the feeling a little bit. But now it’s just a bother to tell him. I’m back to feeling overwhelmed and the need to cry most of the time.

I’m too scared to talk to anybody about this..

posted on September 15

Hanged out with my boyfriend and our friend today! I tried not to make him feel like a third wheel。。。idk if that worked though.
And now the friend is sleeping over at my boyfriend’s house and they’re playing games and crap. While i’m here in my house chillinggg.

posted on July 26

fuck tumblr. all these screenshots and text posts about the kim kardashian game. finally got my to cave in and play it. AND NOW I CANT STOP

posted on July 21


Lovely. My “mother” got angry because i didnt get up from bed. She hit me with a broom, slapped me, pulled my hair, and verbally abused me because of it. I said nothing in response because that will only get her more angry. What a great day to start off with, because your “mother” is a abusive woman who gets mad at everything.

posted on July 11

Omggg. Idk why but this need to see my boyfriend is real right now. I NEED THE CUDDLES MAN

posted on July 11

Living in this house almost makes me want to go insane. Sigh

posted on July 10

Im on a road trip to kansas right now, and i have tumblr. Thank you wifi

posted on July 4

I lost my 3ds, and i can’t find it any where. I really was planning on buying the new pokemon game, but if I cant find my 3ds I might as well buy a new 3ds with the game. SIGHH.

posted on June 30

Sigh. Why cant i have a parent that actually talks positively about me, and is motivating? Instead i have a woman that talks shit about me, and makes fun of me. Fucking shit i hate living here.

posted on June 19

I feel embarassed because i get too shy to kiss. O my

posted on June 17

I was planning on going on a date today. But my mom was planning to do something for fathers day. Oh dear i feel bad. :(

posted on June 15

Watched 2 episodes of rooftop prince with the sweetie, and my friend w/ her boyfriend. Then walked to the gas station to buy a drink and everyone was like sweating CAUSE IT WAS HOT OUTSIDEEE. Then we returned back to the sweetie’s house to watch how to train your dragon and then shrek 2. O my such a productive thing to do on the last day of school. Aha.

posted on June 12

Went on a date on friday and i watched napoleon dynamite for the first time. We like cuddled for the whole time and it was pretty nice.

posted on June 8

Spending nights alone. Trying to think more positively about my situation. But the more i think about it. I could barely see anything positive about this. It just feels like im going back to my regular dull life alone. He’ll never know what to do, and he’s going to never love me again lmao.
He’s never on tumblr to read this anyways. So whateve.

posted on March 25

dont you hate it when someone you like, is friends with someone you truly hate. 

cause that’s happening now.

Sorry for clogging up your dash with my emotions!

posted on March 20