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Bloop bloop. I should really get around to actually finding a way to customize this page. Welp.
I run a mabinogi ask blog called Ask Roy.

Spending nights alone. Trying to think more positively about my situation. But the more i think about it. I could barely see anything positive about this. It just feels like im going back to my regular dull life alone. He’ll never know what to do, and he’s going to never love me again lmao.
He’s never on tumblr to read this anyways. So whateve.

dont you hate it when someone you like, is friends with someone you truly hate. 

cause that’s happening now.

Sorry for clogging up your dash with my emotions!

I hate vietnamese parents so much with a burning passion.

I hate it where i cant buy anythinb with MY OWN MONEY. With out my parents forcing me to buy some crappier cheaper brand of things. Seriously let me use MY MONEY. Cause i want to buy MYSELF things. Jesus christ.

Im sad. I want someone to comfort me. Howdoiattentionseek.

Forcing myself to wait longer just because thats how i am. Always waiting. Though still frustrated. Sigh. Im not even surprised now, i totally saw that it was going to take longer than said. How predictable.

When will i run out of tears to cry.

Why do i have to live my life in disappointment. I should lower my expectations but that just sounds pathetic. This guy has been getting me frustrated and depressed for the past week. Sigh

Why is it the long weekends off of school where i have to experience sadness.
Crying myself to sleep every night. And i have a stupid violin lesson tomorrow too. Ugh

Im so disappointed right now that i dont even want to live right now. Fucking took a day off for this guy and this is how he does it. God damn it. Like SERIOUSLY?? I’m wasting my time here fucking waiting and waiting. But no. God i’m disappointed and angry. If this fucker keeps it up i’m done with him.

The more i stay alive. The more i’ve realized how much i hate most of my “friends” and that no one reads these text posts.

My mom said that if i tell anyone that i’m suicidal that they wont care and just laugh at me.

Asian parenting a+

Fucking hate living

Holy shit. I updated my tumblr app on my phone and shit jesus this looks swell

Ive been getting depressed lately cause i feel like a outcast at school once more. I only have like 2-3 friends, which most i dont have the same classes with at all. And idk i guess i’m just feeling lonely again and no one cares.

i would like to thank the majoirty of my classes this year for making me feel like a out cast, ignored, and have no friends.